La Mandarina


Located 45 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta airport and 25 minutes from Punta Mita.

265 hectares, 5 km of oceanfront and 2 km of beach.

Mandarina will be home to first class amenities such as a spa, cultural center, an education and recreation center, beach club; low density to ensure increase of property value. Final terms are being negotiated over the operating agreements with a best-in-class luxury hotel brand.

The project will benefit from the construction of the Jala-Compostela highway, Las Varas - Puerto Vallarta, which will reduce the distance between these two cities from 4 hours to 2.5 hours. This in turn will facilitate the access for about 18 million people. Likewise, this same road once completed will leave the project just 25 minutes from the current airport at Puerto Vallarta.

Mandarina is fully privatized and the project’s goal is to create an ecosystem that will include hotels and amenities.